Saturday, June 11, 2011

Upcoming Events

I know, I have been a bad, bad blogger. Things are just so busy right now. Work is crazy as this is our super busy season, and I am the lone ranger of the graphics department. But that's job security! This summer is going to be crazy busy with all kinds of fun and exciting events!

My nephew Liam's third birthday party will be tomorrow. He is really coming out of his shell and not nearly as shy as he used to be, so I am excited to get to see him play with all his friends at Monkey Joe's. He's a spunky little thing.

Next Friday, while my husband is apparently going to take a curling class (yep, ice shuffleboard), Amanda and I are going to go to the Double Door to see some bluegrass. Yeehaw! I am finding now that smoking indoors has been outlawed in NC, I am able to enjoy going to clubs and bars a bit more. I never realized just how much my claustrophobia was enhanced by the giant cloud of smoke.

Coming up in July, on the 3rd & 4th we are going to the music festival at the Whitewater Center. On the 3rd, we will see Langhorne Slim (preceded by the Overmountain Men, headed up by Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers). And on the 4th, we will see the New Familiars, and the headliner, personal fave ANDERS OSBORNE!! Been wanting to see him again since Amanda and I saw him perform with Voice of the Wetlands at the Visulite last month. Awesome soulful blues/rock and a super nice guy too. I'm hoping before the music starts, we will get to go rafting again.

Also in July, beach week (well, weekend for me) with the Davis clan. It will be great to see all of our nieces and nephews who come from over yonder in Iowa and Florida (you know, far, far away). There will be much games, golfing and probably shopping. Who knows what else!

Coming up in August, James and I will be racing in the Warrior Dash out at Rural Hill Farm. A 3 mile run/obstacle course, after which there will be much beer, food and music. It will be hot, and I might die from the running, but it will be a blast. I am hoping old friend Travis Dancy will be able to find out what bands are playing (or maybe new friend Micah Davidson will). As it is, we are pretty much planning to hang out both days and party.

In September, I will probably go see Paul Thorn with Amanda and her hubs (I'm kind of inviting myself) :-D

Meanwhile, I am working on my GD/Photo portfolio & website, because I am thinking of branching out in to some freelance work. Not so much for the money, but to get the chance to do some art for industries that get more exposure, such as music, sporting events, etc. It's a lot of work to do on the side, but I'm hoping it will lead to great experiences.

My book is resting on its laurels for the time being, as I don't want to force it out, so we will see what happens next at a later date.

Last but not least, I got my new ink last night. Emily from Cosmic Tattoos did an awesome job on my design, and I couldn't be happier with it. Even when the power went out for an hour right in the middle! If you've ever gotten a tattoo filled in after it's been sitting and getting sore for an hour, you'll understand how painful a situation that is. But it was worth it. And I will be keeping Emily in my thoughts as she goes into surgery today.

So that is my summer in a nutshell. I am sure more cool things will happen and I will report the breaking news. Have a good weekend, all.