Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Digging In

I downloaded a new program called Write Way to organize my book notes, thanks to Larissa Ione's suggestions on her website, and it is pretty awesome. I don't know if the tools will actually help me write, or even if I need help, but it is a really need way to organize notes, characters, chapters, and research. It makes it so much easier than keeping everything in a blank word file. I'm excited about writing again, and I think I'm in a better place to do it now.

In other news, unfortunately skiing in JH is not going to happen. The resort that was still going to be open when I got there has gone out of business or something. But I'll still get to hang out in JH and see Andrew get married, which is what it's all about. But the good thing that came of all this wasted prep is that I got back into skiing and James is going to keep doing it with me.

Also next week, in addition to the Columbia trial and the Avett Brothers concert, JONNY FREAKIN' LANG is coming to Charlotte!! I just happened to check out his tour dates today and it was like holy crap, that's next week! OMG! I've been wanting to see Jonny live for over 10 years since I started listening to him. I've heard live recordings and he is amazing live! My friend Amanda is going with me so it will be some good girl bonding time which we both need more of in general.

Lastly, I get to see my childhood best friend Travis get married in April as well. Tina is awesome and I am so happy for them. Plus I got a killer dress that I can't wait to show off! Gonna be a great month! Ok, I'm done with the exclamation points!

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