Friday, January 13, 2012

Excerpt Time!

Ok, folks, it's time for another excerpt from book number two. This one is about good ol' Ray again. Ray is actually a secondary character, but he plays a very important part. A lot of his mannerisms and euphemisms are modeled after my dear departed friend Ray Blackeagle. And for those who would seek to grammerize me (Mom), remember that these are excerpts from an unfinished--and unedited--manuscript. :)

Ray didn't move a muscle when he came to, with his arms and legs bound to a ladder back chair. Just kept his head hanging down limply, eyes closed. How the hell had he gotten here? Right, he'd been snatched by the crazy bitch and her two goombahs. And from the way his skull ached, he must have gotten clobbered something fierce.

He cracked his eyelids the tiniest bit to assess his surroundings. It was dark, the room illuminated only by a couple of flickering fluorescent lights. He appeared to be in an abandoned warehouse, furnished with nothing but a few chairs and a tool cabinet.

Somebody's been watching too much Law & Order, he thought. Unable to help himself, he tensed when he heard the distinct sound of high heels approaching. The sound got nearer and nearer until it stopped completely.

He could sense her in front of him, pure malice emanating from her in waves, nearly as tangible as the chair he sat in.

"I know you're awake, Raymonde," she said in a singsong voice, making him hate the sound of his given name rolling off her tongue.

No longer seeing any point in the pretense, he raised his head and glared at her. "What could you possibly want with me? I. Have. Nothing."

She chuckled as she paced in front of him, and the sound made his skin crawl. "The answer to that is very simple, I'm surprised you haven't figured it out already."

His fingers ghosted over the bindings on his wrists, searching for a loose end. Got to keep her talking. "By all means, enlighten me."

"I want my daughter, Raymonde, and you are going to tell me where she is."

"The hell I am."

That is all for now. I love that my tv has an ipod dock. Aaaaanywho, I'm still looking for an excerpt from book one that doesn't give anything away. It may have to be a really short one. Just for fun, here is my current playlist for book 2:

Old Crow Medicine Show - Highway Halo
Tab Benoit - Unknown Legend
Glee Cast - Blackbird (This scene made me squee!!)
Bush - Body
Matt Morris - 100,000 Strong & Bloodline
Justin Timberlake Ft. - Damn Girl
Radiohead - Street Spirit
The Black Keys - Sinister Kid (That is Matthieu's theme song, he will be the main character in book 3)
Gavin Degraw - Sweeter, Not Over You & Run Every Time
Brandon Flowers - On The Floor & Crossfire
Kerli - Bullet Proof
Adele - Rumour Has It
Audioslave - I Am the Highway
Rihanna - Rockstar 101
Jonny Lang - Turn Around
Joe Bonamassa - Black Lung Heartache
Tokyo Hotel Ft. Kerli - Strange

Does that give you any plot clues? If you haven't checked out any of these songs/artists, you should. Until next time...

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