Sunday, January 1, 2012

How About an Excerpt?

I thought I would post a series of a few excerpts just for fun. They will most likely not give away any plot details or clues to the subject matter, so it will just be a big tease. :) So here is an excerpt from my second story:

Ray took a long, deep breath of the dry desert air. The first true fresh air he'd had in three years. Because it was his second strike, he'd gotten the max--five--but good behavior had gotten him early parole.

He had done a lot of work on himself on the inside this time, getting clean, seeing a counselor. Hell, he'd even got an associates degree in business. Go figure. He was determined to make it stick this time.

Of course, he'd already lost the most important thing in his life. His daughter. Raven had taken off when he was hauled in the first time. She'd been fifteen, young and jaded, tired of being disappointed every time he failed to sober up.

He'd always wondered where CPS got off, dumping an innocent four year old on a twenty five year old alcoholic con artist. Yeah, he hadn't had a record, 'cept for that stint in Saint Bernard Parish Juvenile Detention Center, of course.

Maybe they truly were underfunded enough to dump any kid on an available parent, that they didn't research him enough. God, he loved her, but the poor kid hadn't stood a chance. Maybe if they'd told him about her ahead of time, given him a chance to get sober, find a legit job, he might have made a halfway decent father.

Well, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride, as the saying went. So he'd raised her the best he knew how. It was no small wonder she didn't run away before she did. They'd kept in touch, and once she partnered up with Stiles and Nash and started the company, he was kept updated on her life.

But after the second time he as arrested, the calls slowed to almost nonexistent, the visits stopped. She never visited him in prison. He didn't blame her. He didn't want the stink of his incarceration to taint her.

So, yeah, he was determined to make it stick this time.

Hope y'all enjoyed that little bit. Until next time.

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